Manual Radar Equations for Modern Radar

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This invaluable book is supported with nearly illustrations and over equations.

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Chapter 2 The Search Radar Equation. Chapter 3 Radar Equations for Clutter and Jamming.

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Chapter 4 Detection Theory. Chapter 5 Beamshape Loss.

Four Problems in Radar

Chapter 6 System Noise Temperature. Chapter 7 Atmospheric Effects.

Chapter 8 The PatternPropagation Factor. Chapter 9 Clutter and Signal Processing. Chapter 10 Loss Factors in the Radar Equation.

It's aimed at graduate-level engineers with a background in electronic engineering or physics. You can use it to further your knowledge on radar systems or work towards gaining a Master's degree. Classes will be held from am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday 17 to 20 February A tutorial will be held from 10am to 1pm on Friday, 20 March If you take and pass the exam you'll get a certificate stating this, which includes your pass level. Benefits to employees The programme offers the opportunity for professional people working in the telecommunications industry to develop their career, be able to respond to changes in their environment, and learn while they earn.