Manual Metals. Thermal and Mechanical Data

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Associated Data

Materials Selecting a group of properties from the list below will display those properties for all the materials in our on-line Catalog. It is possible to arrange the data alphabetically by material name or by increasing value of specific properties. Within the table of data, it is then also possible to select one material to display all available data for that material. The search box on the left will produce a list of catalog information and prices.

Mechanical Data

Selecting a group of properties from the list below will display those properties for all the materials in our on-line Catalog. Material names starting with:. Access promotional content and links to illustrate the power of Knovel Search and analytical tools for your end users. Knovel subscription is supported by Knovel Guest Usage. Cookies are used by this site.

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Molybdenum | Plansee

For instance, is the second modification of alloy. Since mechanical properties may vary widely, no limits have been assigned.

Introducing copper

This temper usually applies to sheet products which are at intermediate stages of production. A low temperature anneal is applied which stabilizes the properties.

Mitigation of Thermal Distortion in Metal AM through Thermo-mechanical Simulation

Extra hard the minimum tensile strength exceeds that of the Hx8 temper by 2 ksi or more. Hx1, Hx3, Hx5 and Hx7 tempers are intermediate between those defined above. The mechanical property limits that correspond to each temper designation can be found by referring to an appropriate aluminum standard such as the Aluminum Association Standards and Data or ASTM B Alloys in the 2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx groups can be strengthened by a heat treatment process.

The tempers are designated by —T followed by a digit.

Some common —T tempers are as follows:. This allows the metal to achieve its highest heat-treated strength level.

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Composition in percent by weight according to The Aluminum Association. The values indicate maximum limits unless shown as a range or a minimum.